Absolut Colours


The assignment was a proposal and a complete realization of the Absolut Zone on the Colours of Ostrava festival. The goal was to raise awareness of the Absolut brand amongst the festivalgoers and to present it as a dominant recognizable from afar as a place of remarkable parties.


To the Colours of Ostrava we have brought a unique installation called Absolut Colours made from mirrors and in shape of the iconic bottle.

After months of preparations we have put together an eight meters tall construction which reshaped a festival bar into an independent performance. In the Czech Republic it was a one of a kind construction. We did not want to create a typical party tent, but to arrange a true "meeting point" of the Colours of Ostrava festival. It was meant to be a place where people wound not just order a drink but also would take part in an interesting collective experience, in which the visitors would be one with the gigantic bottle. Thanks to the mirroring effect the festivals could see what is going on in the Absolut Colours from tens of meters away. In fact it was some sort of a life broadcast transmitted via mirrors which also served as a mean to attract customers.

In addition Absolut Colours became one of the most photogenic spots of the festivals. Through days and nights there were hostesses offering drink to thirsty visitors. A party mood was raging in the zone from dusk till dawn also thanks to the party hits of DJ N’zym and DJ Earl. The bar offered five different simple and refreshing drinks which came with a professional festival stilling of gemstones and marbling as a gift. Within Absolut Colours we have also arranged a unique introduction of the DJ Machinedrum who met the fans and gave out autographs.



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