20th anniversary of the AIG insurance on the Czech market


Planning and realization of decent yet original celebration of important moments in a history of a company.


An insurance company Chartis celebrated 20th anniversary of being on the Czech market. At the same time it was going through rebranding and also re-named and used its previous name AIG. The demand was to organise an event for 200 VIP guests that would be significant celebration for these important moments of the company.

We chose unique and still quite unknown Martinicky palace. Its location right next to the Prague castle and unforgettable atmosphere of mainly baroque elements of architecture were suitable for this special occasion. The main theme of the evening was Swing - as the financial markets are sometimes fast like on a swing. Swing tones, wine, cognac and chocolate degustation, amazing tastes of molecular mixology with captivating atmosphere of historical interior made this evening an unforgettable experience for all the guests including the top management of AIG.

An important part of the night was special auction that finished on an amazing amount 150.000 CZK that was donated to a Czech foundation Kolecko that helps children after various accidents.


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