Carling British Cider Off Trade activation


The goal was to present Carling British Cider via in-store communication and come up with a strategy that would catch attention and appeal to the prospects in a memorable way. The aim was to develop such a tasting set-up that would stand out in the store and turn the shopping into remarkable experience.


We focused on three mainstays while developing the strategy and based the in-store communication on them as well. A premium refreshing product with British origins which represents a new category of modern flavoured ciders. We followed up the British-origins theme which is strongly present in ATL communication. This way, we united the communication so it was intelligible and entertaining to the customers.

The stall was designed to remind of the Coldstream Guards' booths and literally stand out and catch attention – it was several tens of centimetres higher than the surrounding racks so it could be spotted from any place in the store. The promoter's costume was tailored to be as similar as possible to the iconic London guards' uniforms but still remained functional and comfortable.

And the last but not least important thing is the enthusiastic team which bear the atmosphere of the event. Thanks to the emphasis on details and well-produced concept, we managed to reach the prospects at the right moment and impress them with positive sense of the brand.

The overall set-up was so successful that people took pictures with the team and booth just like tourists do in front of the Buckingham Palace in London. The selfies went viral and penetrated the target group in a natural way. The team also stood in as a shelf stacker during so-called "changing of the guards".

All these features led to multiple increase in sales and receiving the POPAI Award for In-Store Communication.



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