Carling British Cider On Trade activation


To introduce original British refreshment to public with no chance of taking them on a trip to a real London bar.


Never mind. Let's just bring Britain over here and transform an international meeting into an unforgettable experience. This is exactly what we did when introducing a new premium alcoholic drink Carling British Cider Cherry to the Czech market.

We set off to encounter the prospects to places where they felt relaxed, were in no rush and wanted to have fun; to places where trying a new drink is a welcomed boost. Right! We seek attention in bars and pubs with a unique campaign different from the competitors' that corresponded with the British origins and emphasized all the pluses of the drink.

Our priority was to maintain a unified and comprehensible connection with the brand's ATL campaign—which we did. We took advantage of a popular TV ad which had been broadcast lately that time. Everybody who knew the ad could think that it became alive when a troop of the Coldstream Guards marched into their favourite pub accompanied by several attractive “spice girls” with a tray full of ice-cold drinks.

We didn't want people to take the drink mindlessly so anyone who wanted a sample had to deserve it by taking part in a draw. Besides the drink, the lucky winner received a stylish gift. To prevent the Carling team from being forgotten in a couple of minutes afterwards, they prepared a unique DJ set of British hits that freshened the atmosphere and made everyone in the pub dancing. Since Carling cider tastes best when served on ice, the team was equipped with a C02 cannon that dropped the temperature 15 degrees immediately.

Our campaign thought out to the last detail paid a call on over 200 pubs in several Czech towns. We appeal directly to tens of thousands of the potential customers and the people who took photos with the team and won practical and useful gifts got reminded every day long after the party was over.




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