Corona Sunset Sessions


To introduce Corona brand essence to the Czech market, where it’s recently presented by Pivovary Staropramen and to come up with such concept, that will make the customers have Coronas in the bars, clubs but also outside with their friends. To introduce Corona with its clear message: „Corona brings sunshine into our world“. To develop style and atmosphere that are so typical for Corona brand such as beach parties and Sunset Sessions and introduce them on a local market.


In the summer 2015 we have given Czech Republic a reason to love Corona. We have dealt with the fact that Prague has neither an ocean nor sandy beaches that are so typical for Corona Parties. Yet we have found a perfect place for such an amazing brand and concept – a wonderful rooftop terrace with an amazing view over Prague. We were able to reach people before they set off for a party at a club and experience the most beautiful part of the day – the sunset – with a Corona and lime in their hands. Therefore we have let them experience the brand and the message - Corona brings sunshine to our world.

Unique concept, feeling of the brand, music accompaniment, exclusive events and ice cold Corona with a lime. Those key aspects made everybody know that Corona came to Czech Republic to show which drink suits very rare moments the best. The viral potential literally occupied social networks with warm photos of smiling people drinking Corona with the sunset behind. Invitation process focused on key customers of each club – invitations were given by Corona ladies a week before, we could not forgot on opinion leaders to spread the Corona feel through media, show business and word of mouth. To encourage the viral potential even more we motivated a Corona followers to various activities on social networks to win an entrance for them and their closest friends to share the Corona experience with.

Furthermore we focused on the business relations, made friendly partnership with the Dancing House and connections with Prague’s best clubs. We have created a Corona feeling which permeates to everyday life of people, bars, its owners and even bartenders. We have developed an unconstrained branding of clubs through a love to the brand - bartenders proudly wearing the Corona branded equipment, full ice buckets as a decoration on the bar and perfect serve with a lime to grow desire of customers to order another Corona. We rebranded the clubs to become the right place to enjoy chilled Corona. All guests from sunset warm-up were taken to club by minibuses and welcomed with a bottle of Corona with a lime – all other guests came to a club full of people drinking Corona, wouldn’t you order one coming to this party? And the more, we had our promotion teams in the club with a simple yet catchy sales mechanics – buy two Coronas and get a gift.

Corona now belongs to Czech Republic’s every special event, place and moment. And Prague’s summer of 2015 definitely belongs to Corona.



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