Future Forces Hangar Party


We were asked to arrange an unforgettable party on the occasion of a prestigious international event concerning topics of defence and safety under the patronage of the Ministry of Defence, NATO, FBI, and other security institutions.


The goal of the event was to provide the guests with some time to relax during several days of conferencing. Thus the programme, music and arrangement of catering were chosen in order to allow the guests to have fun and meet new people with no stress while experiencing a night in Prague which they would never forget.

The place where the party was held defined the uniqueness of the night itself—the hangar no. 51 with nearby runway at the Airport Kbely. The fighters were replaced with quality sound and decent lightning for once. The stewardess-like dressed hostesses took care of 500 guests who were enjoying a superb catering while listening to live jazz music. The icing of the cake was the 30-meter wide video-mapping show screened on the hangar's wall.



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