Glenfiddich Golf tour 2014


The client wanted to promote their whisky among golf players during 2014 season. He did not want just to differentiate the brand from others. He wanted to emphasise the experience related to drinking premium whisky while playing golf—in the way that nobody got annoyed with but left a strong positive memory of the brand, way of promotion, and taste of the 12-year single malt whisky. How to manage this?


Luckily, we love golf, challenges and experiments with the magic of the exact time and place. First, we took a look at the project from the perspective of the target group: golf players, sport enthusiasts and premium whisky lovers. We intent neither to reach as much people as possible in the most interesting way nor to get the golf players bored with a traditional presentation. Instead, we came up with a completely new way of communication.

We introduced a unique competition called "Nearest to the Glenfiddich" for all the players at 12 tournaments throughout the Czech Republic. At the shortest hole on the course, there was a bar with four comfortable seats for the whole flight where the players were served by a trained team with a degustation of Glenfiddich whisky. After that, each player obtained a golf ball as a talisman for good luck. On top of that, the winner of the competition got a bottle of Glenfiddich whisky and the overall winner received a branded towel.


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