Jameson on the summer festivals


The assignment was to increase awareness about the Jameson Whiskey at the most prestigious domestic summer festivals and also to mediate an experience with the premium Irish whiskey and enjoyable music to broader audience.


We intended to create a unique atmosphere reminding people of Ireland and whiskey. Therefore we have decided to take the festivalgoers to a typical Irish bar using a special tent. It was not just any tent. We have built a special construction which resembled a gigantic whiskey barrel which was visible from a large distance. This special mobile Irish pub was then taken to these festivals: Metronome Prague, Vysočina fest, Mighty Sounds, Sázava fest a TroubleGang Fest.

The Jameson Pub did not serve just as a place to get a drink but we have decorated it with a special party atmosphere. For example a performance by the Irish singer Travis O´Neill was held, a unique DJ school was organized or an open mic competition during which the competitors could use a complete set of instruments from the Music City was arranged.



Jameson_Mighty Sounds_8
Jameson_Mighty Sounds_9
Jameson_Mighty Sounds_7
Jameson_Mighty Sounds_6

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