Jameson Tour of the Saint Patrick


To arrange a celebration of the Saint Patrick’s day in Prague in terms with the Jameson Whiskey and thus further introduce this typical Irish celebration and create remarkable events bound with the Jameson Whiskey.


For the Irish the 17th of March is one of the most significant days of the year due to the Saint Patrick’s day celebration. On the other hand in the Czech Republic this Irish holiday is not so well known which we aimed to change. We did not want to create just one event on the Saint Patrick’s Day, but we have decided to arrange a Tour of the Saint Patrick at five different remarkable places where the people of Prague could experience music, dance, movie screening, slam poetry… and of course the real Irish Jameson Whiskey could not be left out. Within this day thousands of drinks were drank. The most preferred was by far the Jameson & Ginger.

Part of the tours schedule was for instance a performance by the Irish singer Travis O‘Neill, interesting exhibitions of Irish culture were held, a barber contest was organized and for the brave we also have prepared a special Jameson Party Jacuzzi.  The whole celebration was held in the spirit of Sine Metu, or in other words "with no fear".

Some of the stops of the Tour of the Saint Patrick were Jatka78, Kino 64 U Hradeb, OD Kotva, The river side or The Dancing House. We have reached over 3000 people directly and 30 000 indirectly.




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