Lucky Strike summer roadshow


Our aim was to set up a promotion team that would communicate with customers on several summer festivals. This particular team was meant to represent a legendary American brand Lucky Strike.


This task was more then tempting for us as we are in charge of several promotion teams for different clients and feel very comfortable in this particular area of communication with customers. We were looking for girls, which would be in charge of promotion of various sub-brands of Lucky Strike as well as of collecting email addresses for future purposes.

We organised two castings, in which the candidates were supposed to go through several rounds managed by our experienced promoters. Our client could freely participate in both of the castings for a better idea of the organisation and the final selection. Although we had just two weeks to choose a final team, the systematic approach helped us to reach our goal.

We appreciate every individual person that becomes part of our team and try to learn the most about the personality and interests. Therefore we are able to set up a team that is suitable for a specific brand and connect with it very quickly. This connection or building a love brand is the foundation of a successful promotion team. At the time being in charge of this team, we have reached a far bigger number of contacts than there was in the brief. But also we are increasing the positive perception of the brand by consumers.

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