Ostravar Nefiltr On Trade activation


We were asked to improve brand awareness of the beer Ostravar Nefiltr and increase the sales in the Moravian-Silesian region which is typical for its conservative consumers who don't like trying new things.


It's a tricky job to do a sales promotion on the Czech beer market—exactly a job we love to do! In order to increase sales, we introduced a two-level competition to 200 pubs and restaurants in the region: the costumers received a branded scratch card for every 4 beers they had and won either another beer for free or talking opener or a discount to a local butcher's; the pubs competed in the amount of beer they sold – we prepared a pork feast for 20 best pubs made of 20 kilos of meat provided by a local producer.

The event was promoted only in the pubs and restaurants and it was a huge success. All the pubs were one-upping each other in sales and the feasts in the best-selling pubs attracted much attention of the people from the whole area.



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