PRE substations redesign


To propose a project for revitalization of public environment by redesigning substations.


The PRE approached us with a project of revitalization of its substations. Dozens of buildings throughout Prague from the deepest normalization did PRE disgrace for a long time, so the renovation was necessary. Our client first asked one of the agencies to do the job, and they did - by painting two of the client’s substations with corporate colours. However, PRE was looking for something more, so he turned to us. We proposed the idea of a competition for young artists in the spirit of corporate social responsibility policy. This idea was presented on a workshop in famous NoD gallery in Prague in cooperation with top illustrators of International Secret Wars League. During the evening we had participants from the art scene painting live in the gallery. The public and media were invited to participate in the competition for the best substation redesign. The first substation was redesigned after the winning ceremony in June 2012.

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