Red Bull Final 5


To connect with the success of the last year‘s season and organize first ever Red Bull golf tournament at the end of the season.


We were facing the challenge of taking this unusual golf project one huge step further. In addition to classical embedded competitions such as the "hole in one" and "longest drive" the Red Bull Final 5 earned a very good reputation amongst the players and this year its popularity objectively positively influenced participation in tournaments. Link to the functional benefits of the product are very clear in this concept. (More about the Red Bull Final 5 here). We increased the number of tournaments and invited top athletes and well-known artists, connected with the world of Red Bull too participate in the tournaments. Thanks to that, we managed to reach a large number of media outcomes not only in sports orientated ones but also mass/general media. The successful application of this concept gave us the possibility to organize the world's first independent golf tournament under the wings of Red Bull - Red Bull Grand Final 5, which took place in Glof Club Zbraslav, Prague in October 2012.


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