Red Bull Night Race


To strenghten relationships between Red Bull and its major gastronomy clients.


Stops in different clubs all over the Czech and Slovak Republics were designed as the real Formula 1 series. The participants were competing amongst each other throughout all the cities in both republics and the winner of all won a prize that couldn’t be more suitable - an exclusive opportunity to see F1 race, with excursions of the Red Bull’s paddock on the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. In addition to the simulator of tire replacement (more about the concept of Red Bull Night Race here) this year we enriched the concept by 2 gaming units – 2 game racing simulators and photo wall with green background, which allows the participants to choose to be on a picture either with Sebastian Vettel of Mark Weber, or just beautiful city of Monte Carlo. This interesting interactive insight into the world of Formula 1 brought more visitors to the bars where the stops took place, therefore this unique marketing activity achieved the desired outcome in building business relationships in the on-premises channel.


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