Red Bull Canvas Cooler presentation


Creative visibility of chilled Red Bull cans in painted coolers by famous artists at Designblok 2011.


Czech branch of Red Bull Company annually presents that Red Bull revitalizes your body and mind and creative thinking in general on Designblok - the biggest celebration of design, art and fashion in Central Europe. We have participated on the last year’s success by inventing special presentation for Red Bull that has catapulted them into the nominees for the best installation of Designblok. We were ready for this challenge again this year. With a participation of Viktor Rosinsky (organiser of Secret Wars) and Andrej Boleslavsky (CIANT) we established a variety for originally a British concept – Canvas Cooler, where different artists and designers are transforming Red Bull Coolers into various art works right in front of the visitors. Each day of the Designblok (that usually lasts for a week) there was one cooler designed in a special and original way. One of the coolers was left plain white for the whole time of the exhibition for one special reason. Each one of the visitors could express his creative mind with projecting different geometrical objects on this cooler via camera through videomapping technique, which was connected to the projector. This interactive showroom was also popular for a DJ’s performances and several parties.


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