Samson beer launch in outdoor activities


To introduce Samson products in a fresh way to a new target group.


Traditional beer from South Bohemia remembers the times when Americans didn’t fight with Czech breweries for registration marks and when the taste was stronger tool than any marketing. But those times have long passed. The history hasn’t taken it easy with Samson beer either, but the better future is planned for it. After a great renovation of Samson brewery that helped the quality of brewing process and an investment in repositioning and rebranding of the company, Samson is now ready to re-enter the market with great young energy yet very mature taste. We are building a strong image of the brand that is also based on a new fresh beer drink “Radler” available with various flavours. We are teaching Czech guys to play dangerously addictive game “beerpong”. It was not a coincidence that we launched this activity on a biggest freeskiing and snowboarding events in Czech republic – such as O’neill Soldiers and Burton Spindl Spring Session, which helped us to introduce Samson through the best skiers and opinion leaders with a speed of an avalanche.


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