Skydive Arena Opening


The biggest and the most modern device of its kind in central europe: Sky Dive Arena had its great opening in the end of May 2011. Wind tunnel in this center is the only circular glass flight chamber in the world. It has daimeter of 4,3 metersand an overal height of an unbelievable 14m. How to introduce Skydive Arena to Czech audience?


We have organized this great opening for present and possibly future business partners. The Sky Dive center includes also a fancy restaurant and a congress rooms, so the aim and an important task was to invite company members mostly, who are also „opinion leaders“ or „trendsetters“ in their comunities with the combination of young perspective managers. So the whole night was a great place where you could try very new adrenaline aktivity as well as a place of natural networking and B2B. Visitors could feel what it is like when the wind blows at a speed of over 270 km/h.


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