Cooperation of Stella Artois & CineStar & Tesco


To come up with a special sales event for Stella Artois beer related to the co-operation with the cinema multiplex Cinestar using Tesco's graphic identity.


It's exactly this sort of challenge we seek for when you have to incorporate such disparate environments as a cinema, brewery and supermarket into one campaign. The centrepiece of the campaign was a voucher that guaranteed 2+2 free cans or 3+3 free bottles of Stella Artois beer. The coupon received anybody who bought a ticket for a film in Cinestar and it could be used only in the stores Tesco.

The event was promoted in the cinema indoors with posters and plotter stickers on the mirrors at the bathrooms but we also took advantage of the virtual world. A part of the campaign was the co-ordinated communication via Facebook profiles of all the companies involved in the project to help each other to get some new fans. The online campaign enabled the fans to win a Stella Artois 4-pack by sharing their selfies in the cinema's mirrors.

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