Premiere of Australian film Fighting Fear


Introduce this surfing video to Czech audience and also show, that Prague was chosen as the only city in Central Europe for this premiere for the right reasons.


How would you transfer a nice sandy Australian beach atmosphere to chilly weather of Prague? Only by working with fresh new ideas. The campaign was based on the communication through social media. Thanks to this campaign, we increased the number of visitor of our client’s fan page on Facebook and increased the interaction on this page by 300%. Part of the concept was to manage a press conference with the actors and director of the film. The premiere was based in a professional movie theatre. We invented and launched a radio spot that also helped the total number of visitors. Tram stops re-named after the name of the film Fighting Fear (based in premiere and after party location) or a surfer in neoprene and surfing board as a navigation point – this guerrilla marketing on the day of the event connected all the communication channels. The after party became legendary already. Besides the top DJs, there was the director of Fighting Fear – Kid Mac DJ-ing at the party himself. This premiere was evaluated as the best stop in the European Tour.

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