Samson Chevy Van


Interesting and unusual support of the brand


We had a great advantage to start with, an enormous trust from our client, probably because due to our previous cooperation our client knows that we are not of those who would spend large amount of money regardless of the vision of real return of the investment.

Therefore, we designed, built and since the beginning of the summer also run an ultimate event tool. Thanks to its versatility and high functionality surpasses other seemingly similar projects in our market. We chose to work with the iconic 20-year-old American Van Chevrolet van in the luxury residential design.

Now the car is equipped with a silent, yet very powerful electric generator, which provides completely independent functioning of the Samson Van in spite of the condition of infrastructure at the site. Within minutes the Chevrolet turns into a bar or an outdoor cinema with a powerful sound system. The Samson Van also carries beer pong tables, so we can organize a tournament and entertain people on various campsites, which are packed during the summer.

Then again during the day, when the sun's rays illuminate the majesty of the retro bronze paintwork with a decent gold branding on the van, it’s difficult to not to be attracting attention wherever Samson Van arrives. A four-member crew samples perfectly chilled products in the natural environment of the target groups, such as cycling or camping.


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