Stella Artois Facebook


The goal was to unify the communication via Stella Artois Czech Republic's Facebook page and reach the relevant target groups. A part of the assignment was also to link up the online activities with the offline campaign and encourage engagement of the fans.


Why not to apply a promotional activity to the virtual world when it is successful in the real one? We interconnected the sales promotion of the premium brand Stella Artois with the digital level and took care of continual growth of the fan base and its involvement on the social network for the agreed period of time from September 2014 to April 2015.

We didn't want just to follow and copy the company's global Facebook page. Instead, we customized the content for the Czech fans. On top of that, we supplemented the feed with genuinely local topics which resonated with the audience. We also organized competitions to increase fans' engagement.

Social networks are tools for prompt communication with the customers. We kept an eye on the fans' reactions and we did our best not to leave a single question unanswered. As a result we became a partner for discussion. You can't do without advertising even in the social network environment—but it's essential to specifically target it to get something out of it. And we did it very well.

We connected the social network to the client's sales channel. The fans received i.e. quotations via Facebook page. For everyone's sake, the number of Stella Artois Czech Republic fans was growing every day.

We managed to avoid recruiting “disposable” fans who like the page i.e. just in an attempt to win a prize and than disappear. Instead, we recruited active fans who engage with the page. It was the only way how to feed the fans with content related to the brand throughout the period we managed the profile.

Thanks to the regular communication and advertising, Stella Artois reached about 440,000 people on Facebook in less than a year.

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